Transmitter of current Tsikl T200


Powerful 130 kW transmitter Tsikl T200 dedicated for oil explorations by TDEM and IP methods. It may be used for forming of bipolar pulses of current in big transmitting loops and AB lines. Tsikl T200 may be powered from 380V three-phase diesel generator and rectifier or from any DC powerful enough source with voltage up to 550V. It usually equipped with Current Control Unit and set of ballast resistors;

Tsikl T200 technical specifications

Amplitude of current pulses 10-200A
Input voltage
up to 550V
Duration of current pulses20 ms and more
Waveform of currentBipolar with pause between pulses
Waveform of currentby cable or with Current Control Unit
Current control unit
Three-phase rectifier
Ballast resistors, set of 5

35 kg
12 kg
45 kg
Overall dimensions
    Current control unit
    Three-phase rectifier
    Ballast resistors, set of 5

559×546×419 мм
170×125×50 мм
559×546×241 мм
720×205×140 мм