Transmitter Tsikl T20

Tsikl T20 dedicated for forming of bipolar current pulses in loops of small and mid-range sizes. Usually it is powered from rechargeable batteries. Tsikl T20 used for ore and hydrogeological explorations on depth till 500-800m.

Transmitter T20 is driven by Receiver or GPS Synchronization Module.


Amplitude of current pulses 1-20A
Input voltageup to 100V
Duration of current pulses1 ms and more
Duration of falling edge (measured from 0.9 to 0.1 of current amplitude) for the following transmitting loops and currents:
5х5 m, current 0.5 A
50х50 m, current 1 A
200х200 m, current 20 A

less of 1 µs
less of 5 µs
less of 80 µs
Waveform of currentBipolar square with pause between pulses
Synchronization with receiverby cable or with Current Control Unit
Weigh2.6 kg
Overall dimensions60×175×220 mm