Current Control Unit

current control unit

The Current Control Unit (abbreviation CCU) designed for using with transmitters of Tsycle series. It generates the sequence of control signals synchronized with GPS. The similar GPS synchronization module is using in Tsikl receiver. So both devices can work synchronously even if they can’t be connected through a wire.

Also CCU measures the amperage in a load and in ballast and transmits the values to computer.

The CCU allows to set period of current and on-off time ratio in wide range. Optionally for some kinds of transmitters it allows to setup an output current value.

Tsikl CCU technical specifications

Supply voltage12V
Maximum current consumption100 mA
The maximum instability with respect to the signal 1PPS3 uS
Accuracy of current measurement50 mA
Duty cycle2 or 3
The levels of the output signalsCMOS/TTL
The number of period modes16
The phase shift between the signals of the "current" and "sign"5 uS
Operating temperature-40°C – +85°C
Dimensions 170×120×60 mm
Weight1.1 kg
Type the interfaceBluetooth