Receiver Tsikl R8

Receiver is the core of system. It Tsikl R8 dedicated for measuring and storing a signal receiving from inductive sensors. Receiver Tsikl R8 can control transmitter through a cable. If receiver and transmitter are spaced-apart for a long distance they can be synchronized by GPS synchronization modules.

Tsikl R8 is successor of Tsikl R7. New technique of signal integration combined quasilogarithmic and uniform time step allowed us to use better mathematical algorithms for raw data filtering.

Tsikl R8 also uses more capacity ADC and DAC in compare with Tsikl R7.

The receiver version with internal GPS synchronization module named as Tsikl R8S.

Receiver uses uniform logarithmic time scale for signal sampling. To increase the noise immunity the measurements are performed as the series of continuous integrations of the input signal. Integrations are performed during regular time intervals. This allows to filter the measured signal more efficiently. Measured signals can be stored in a single file with a uniform or logarithmic time scale.

Tsikl R8 technical specifications

Dynamic range of measuring a transient EMF, min160 dB
Self- noise of the measuring channel at short-circuited input:
      in a 100 kHz band, max0.5µV
      in a 1 kHz band, max0.1µV
Maximum measurable voltage value4 V
Time range of measurable transient EM process0.4µs – 50 s
Suppression of 50/60 Hz industrial interference80 dB
Voltage of external power source9-16 V
Battery life8 hours
Power consumption1.5 W
Weigh with batteries2.5 kg
Overall dimensions145×220×55 mm
Synchronization with transmitterby cable or GPS module
Connection with computer viaRS232 or USB cable or Bluetooth